Module Rel.Seq

module Seq: sig .. end
Sequences of values.


type 'a t = 'a Rel.seq 
See Rel.seq.
val empty : 'a Rel.seq
empty is the empty sequence.
val is_empty : 'a Rel.seq -> bool
is_empty s is true iff s is Rel.Seq.empty.
val head : 'a Rel.seq -> 'a option
head s is s's head (if any).
val get_head : 'a Rel.seq -> 'a
get_head s is like Rel.Seq.head but
Raises Invalid_argument if if s is Rel.Seq.empty.
val tail : 'a Rel.seq -> 'a Rel.seq
tail s is s's tail.
Raises Invalid_argument if s is empty.
val to_list : ?limit:int -> 'a Rel.seq -> 'a list
to_list ~limit s is, at most, the first limit elements of s. If limit is unspecified it is unbounded.