Module Rel

Relational databases.

Open one of these modules (FIXME not yet sure):

Schema description

module Type : sig ... end

Column base types.

module Col : sig ... end

Column descriptions.

module Row : sig ... end

Row descriptions.

module Index : sig ... end

Table index descriptions.

module Table : sig ... end

Table descriptions.

Query language

The expressiveness of the query language is currently limited. Note that you can always switch to raw SQL statements and type them for execution. To define queries you should open Rel.Syntax which has more definitions and operator overloading.

type 'a value

The type for representing values of type 'a. FIXME depending on the final open strategy put that in its own module.

module Bool : sig ... end


module Int : sig ... end


module Int64 : sig ... end

64-bit integers.

module Float : sig ... end

Floating point numbers.

module Text : sig ... end


module Option : sig ... end


module Bag : sig ... end

Bags specification language.


module Sql : sig ... end

SQL helpers.

Modules to open

module Std : sig ... end

Standard modules to describe your database and SQL requests.

module Syntax : sig ... end

Query syntax support.


module Rel_private : sig ... end

Low-level private representations.