Index of values

bool [Sexpm]

codec_with_codec [Sexpm]
codec_with_codec ~eq ~default c is c with equality eq (unchanged if unspecified) and default value c
codec_with_default [Sexpm]
codec_with_default v c is c with default value c.

decode_custom [Sexpm]
decode_custom ~atom ~list d is Some v, constructed using atom and list by folding over a single s-expression decoded from d or None if the end stream was reached.
decode_lexeme [Sexpm]
decode_lexeme d is: Ok (Some l) if a lexeme l was decoded., Ok None if the end of input was reached., Error e if a decoding error occurred. If the client is interested in a best-effort decoding it can still continue to decode afer an error (see Error recovery) altough the resulting sequence of lexemes is undefined and may not be well-formed.
decode_tagged [Sexpm]
decode_tagged tag d is an s-expression decoded from d and tagged according to tag or None if the end of stream was reached.
decode_traced_value [Sexpm]
decoded_range [Sexpm]
decoded_range d is the range of characters spanning the last decoded lexeme or error.
decoded_sexp_range [Sexpm]
decoder_sexp_range d is the range of characters spanning the last fully parsed s-expression.
decoder [Sexpm]
decoder i is a decoder decoding s-expressions from i the UTF-8 encoded byte stream i.
decoder_layout [Sexpm]
decoder_layout d is the value of layout, see Sexpm.decoder.

encode_custom [Sexpm]
encode_custom unfold e v is encodes a single s-expression on e by unfolding v using unfold.
encode_lexeme [Sexpm]
encode_lexeme e l encodes l on e.
encode_tagged [Sexpm]
encode_tagged e se encodes the s-expression se on e.
encode_traced_value [Sexpm]
encode_value [Sexpm]
encoder [Sexpm]
encoder ~nl ~bytes ~minify o is an encoder encoding s-expressions on o.
escape [Sexpm]
escape ~quote s escapes the UTF-8 encoded string s to an s-expression token or quoted token.

float [Sexpm]
float_fmt [Sexpm]
float_hex [Sexpm]

input_of_in_channel [Sexpm]
input_of_in_channel ~bytes ic is a byte stream reading from ic using bytes to read the data.
input_of_string [Sexpm]
input_of_string s is a byte stream reading from s.
int [Sexpm]

list [Sexpm]

output_of_buffer [Sexpm]
output_to_buffer b is an output stream writing to buffer b.
output_of_out_channel [Sexpm]
output_of_out_channel oc is an output stream writing to oc.

peek_lexeme [Sexpm]
peek_lexeme d is like Sexpm.decode_lexeme but doesn't remove the lexeme from the input sequence.
pp_error [Sexpm]
pp_error ppf e prints an unspecified representation of e on ppf.
pp_lexeme [Sexpm]
pp_lexeme ppf l prints an unspecified non-sexp representation of l on ppf.
pp_range [Sexpm]
pp_range ppf r prints r on ppf according to GNU conventions.

range_tag [Sexpm]
range_tag is fun d se -> se, Sexpm.decoded_sexp_range d.
result [Sexpm]

set [Sexpm]
string [Sexpm]

t2 [Sexpm]

unit [Sexpm]
unit_tag [Sexpm]
unit_tag is fun _ se -> se, ().