Index of values

actuate d t tr is called whenever a watcher's trigger needs to be actuated.

codec is a byte codec for triggers.
current_tz_offset_s [Tick.PCLOCK]
current_tz_offset_s () is the system's current local time zone offset to UTC in seconds, if know.

delay_ns [Tick.WATCHER]
delay_ns w is w's waiting delay.

elapsed_ns [Tick.MCLOCK]
elapsed_ns () is the wall-clock time span elapsed since the beginning of the program.

find [Tick.KV]
find k is k's binding in the key-value store (if any).
fold [Tick.WATCHER]
fold f acc folds over all watchers that have Tick.WATCHER.waiting t = true.

get [Tick.KV]
get k is k's binding the key-value store.

key [Tick.KV]
key name codec is a key with lookup name name and whose value is codec'd by codec.
key_codec [Tick.KV]
key_codec k is k's codec.
key_name [Tick.KV]
key_name k is k's name.

linger_ns [Tick.WATCHER]
linger_ns w is the number of nanoseconds during which Tick.WATCHER.waiting w was true.

mem [Tick.KV]
mem k is true iff k is bound to a value of type 'a in the key-value store.

now_d_ps [Tick.PCLOCK]
now_d_ps () is (d, ps) representing the POSIX time occuring at d * 86'400e12 + ps POSIX picoseconds from the epoch 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC.

period_d_ps [Tick.PCLOCK]
period_d_ps () is Some (d, ps), representing the clock's picosecond period d * 86'400e12 + ps, if known.
period_ns [Tick.MCLOCK]
period_ns () is if available Some d representing the clock's nanosecond period d.
poweroff [Tick.LIFECYCLE]
poweroff occurs shortly before the system is going to power off.
poweron [Tick.LIFECYCLE]
poweron occurs shortly after the system powers up.

resume [Tick.LIFECYCLE]
resume occurs shortly after the system resumes after having been Tick.LIFECYCLE.suspended.

set [Tick.KV]
set k v sets the key value of k to v.
suspend [Tick.LIFECYCLE]
suspend occurs shortly before the system is suspended.

tock [Tick.MTICK]
tock d f calls f t in d monotonic nanosecond with t the number of elapsed (measured using Tick.MCLOCK.elapsed_ns) between the call to tock and f's invocation.
trigger [Tick.WATCHER]
trigger w is w's trigger.

unwatch [Tick.KV]
unwatch w stops the watcher w.
unwatch [Tick.LIFECYCLE]
unwatch w stops the watcher w.
unwatch [Tick.WATCHER]
unwatch w unwatches the tick in w.

waiting [Tick.WATCHER]
waiting w is true iff w's trigger has not been actuated yet or w was not Tick.WATCHER.unwatched.
watch [Tick.KV]
watch k f is a key-value watcher such that whenever key is Tick.KV.set to v, f k v is called.
watch [Tick.LIFECYCLE]
watch e f is a key-value watcher such that f is called whenever event e occurs.
watch [Tick.WATCHER]
watch d tr is a tick in that occurs after d nanoseconds and is watched by trigger tr.