Module Topkg.Private.Pkg

module Pkg: sig .. end
Package description.

type t 
The type for package descriptions.
val empty : t
empty is an empty package description.
val name : t -> string
name p is p's name.
val delegate : t -> Topkg.Cmd.t option
delegate pis p's delegate.
val build_dir : t -> Topkg.fpath
build_dir p is p's build directory.
val readmes : t -> Topkg.fpath list
readme p is p's readme files.
val change_logs : t -> Topkg.fpath list
change_logs p is p's change logs.
val licenses : t -> Topkg.fpath list
licenses p is p's license files.
val opam : name:string -> t -> Topkg.fpath
opam name p is p's opam file for opam package name.


val distrib_uri : t -> string option
distrib_uri p is p's distribution location URI pattern. See Distrib.


val publish_artefacts : t -> [ `Alt of string | `Distrib | `Doc ] list
publish_artefacts p is p's distribution publication artefacts. See Publish.


Note. In the following None values mean that the lint is disabled by the package description.

val lint_custom : t -> (unit -> Topkg.R.msg Topkg.result list) option
lint_custom p is p's custom linting function (if any).

Note. Use Topkg.Private.Ipc.lint_custom to run the function from another program.

val lint_files : t -> Topkg.fpath list option
lint_files p are p's files to check for existence.
val lint_metas : t -> (Topkg.fpath * bool) list
lint_metas p are p's META file to OCamlfind lint.
val lint_opams : t -> (Topkg.fpath * bool * string list option) list
lint_opams p are p's opam file opam lint and dependency lint.


val codec : t Topkg.Private.Codec.t
codec is a codec for package descriptions.