Module Topkg_care

module Topkg_care: sig .. end
Topkg package care.

Tools to help the package developer in the life cycle of the package. Most of these tools can be invoked directly from the command line via the topkg binary installed by the topkg-care package.

WARNING. Do not use this API in your package description file, use only Topkg. This API was not thoroughly designed, is not stable and may change even between minor versions of topkg. Use at your own risk.

v1.0.0 - homepage


module Text: sig .. end
Text processing helpers.
module Pp: sig .. end
Pretty printers.
module Opam: sig .. end
opam helpers.
module OCamlbuild: sig .. end
ocamlbuild helpers.
module OCamlfind: sig .. end
ocamlfind helpers.
module Archive: sig .. end
Archive file creation.

Package care

module Pkg: sig .. end
Package description.
module Delegate: sig .. end
Package delegate.