Module Uucp

Unicode character properties.

Uucp provides efficient access to a selection of character properties of the Unicode character database.

Consult this page for a minimal Unicode introduction and OCaml Unicode tips. Individual modules have sample code related to the properties.



Consult information about the property distribution in modules and omissions.

val unicode_version : string

unicode_version is the Unicode version supported by the library.

module Age : sig ... end

Age property.

module Alpha : sig ... end

Alphabetic property.

module Block : sig ... end

Block property and block ranges.

module Break : sig ... end

Break properties.

module Case : sig ... end

Case properties, mappings and foldings.

module Cjk : sig ... end

CJK properties.

module Emoji : sig ... end

Emoji properties.

module Func : sig ... end

Function and graphics properties.

module Gc : sig ... end

General category property.

module Gen : sig ... end

General properties.

module Hangul : sig ... end

Hangul properties.

module Id : sig ... end

Identifier properties.

module Name : sig ... end

Name and name alias properties.

module Num : sig ... end

Numeric properties.

module Script : sig ... end

Script and script extensions properties.

module White : sig ... end

White space property.

Property module distribution and omissions

Properties are approximatively distributed in modules by scope of use like in this property index table. However some subset of properties live in their own modules.

Obsolete and deprecated properties are omitted. So are those related to normalization, shaping and bidirectionality. Here is the full list of omitted properties, if you think one of these property should be added get in touch with a rationale.