Index of values

add [Uunf]

add n v is: `Uchar u if u is the next character in the normalized sequence. The client must then call add with `Await until `Await is returned., `Await when the normalizer is ready to add a new `Uchar or `End.

ccc [Uunf]

ccc u is u's canonical combining class value.

composite [Uunf]

composite u1 u2 is the primary composite canonically equivalent to the sequence <u1,u2>, if any.

copy [Uunf]

copy n is a copy of n in its current state.

create [Uunf]

create nf is an Unicode text normalizer for the normal form nf.

d_compatibility [Uunf]
d_uchar [Uunf]
decomp [Uunf]

decomp u is u's decomposition mapping.

form [Uunf]

form n is the normalization form of n.

normalize_utf_16be [Uunf_string]

normalize_utf_16be nf s is the UTF-16BE encoded string s in normal form nf.

normalize_utf_16le [Uunf_string]

normalize_utf_16le nf s is the UTF-16LE encoded string s in normal form nf.

normalize_utf_8 [Uunf_string]

normalize_utf_8 nf s is the UTF-8 encoded string s in normal form nf.

pp_ret [Uunf]

pp_ret ppf v prints an unspecified representation of v on ppf.

reset [Uunf]

reset n resets the normalizer to a state equivalent to the state of Uunf.create (Uunf.form n).

unicode_version [Uunf]

unicode_version is the Unicode version supported by the module.