Module Uuseg_buf

`Uchar buffers

`Uchar buffers

type t

The type for `Uchar buffers.

val create : int -> t

create n is a buffer of initial size n.

val copy : t -> t

copy b is a copy of b.

val empty : t -> bool

empty b is true iff b is empty.

val len : t -> int

len b is b's length.

val add : t -> [ `Uchar of Stdlib.Uchar.t ] -> unit

add b u adds u at the end of b.

val flush : t -> [> `Uchar of Stdlib.Uchar.t ]

flush b is the first `Uchar of b and removes it from b.

val get_first : t -> Stdlib.Uchar.t

get_first b is the first `Uchar of b, if any.