Module Vgr_cairo

Cairo renderer.

Cairo render targets

val target : Cairo.context -> [ `Other ]

target ctx is a render target for rendering to the Cairo context ctx. Rendering a renderable (size, view, i) is done as follows.

  1. The context's current state is saved using
  2. The context's is clipped to Box2.v P2.o size. This box is cleared with Color.void and the portion view of i is rendered in this box.
  3. The context's initial state is restored using Cairo.restore

Nothing else is done to ctx.

Multiple images. Multiple images rendering is supported. For each renderable the above procedure is performed on ctx. If you want to have each renderable on a single page on backends that support it you should handle this between two renderable using Cairo's API.

val stored_target : [< `Pdf | `Png of Gg.V2.t | `Ps | `Svg ] -> Vg.Vgr.dst_stored

stored_target fmt is a fmt render target for rendering to the stored destination given to Vg.Vgr.create. For `Png the argument specifies the rendering resolution in samples per meters.

Multiple images. Multiple image rendering is supported on `Pdf and `Ps target, each renderable creates a new page of the renderable size. Multiple image rendering is not supported on `Png and `Svg and Invalid_argument is raised by Vg.Vgr.render if multiple images are rendered.

Text rendering

Warning. The following is subject to change in the future.

Currently text rendering uses Cairo's font selection mechanism and doesn't support the glyph API.

Given a glyph cut:

Vg.I.cut_glyphs ~text ~blocks ~advances font glyphs

The blocks, advances and glyphs parameters are ignored. text must be provided and is used to define the text to render. font is used to select the font family.

The weight is limited to Normal (< `W700) and Bold (>= `W700).

Render warnings and limitations

The following render warnings are reported.

The following limitations should be taken into account.