Module Evidence_diamonds

Diamonds dataset.

This is the diamonds dataset distributed with ggplot2.

type obs = float * string * string * string * float * float * int * float * float * float

The type for diamond observations. The 10 variables are as follows in order.

val carat : (obs, float) Evidence.Var.t

carat is the diamond weight.

val cut : (obs, string) Evidence.Var.t

cut is the cut quality, one of "Fair", "Good", "Very Good", "Premium", "Ideal".

val color : (obs, string) Evidence.Var.t

color is the diamond color from "D" (best) to "J" (worst).

val clarity : (obs, string) Evidence.Var.t

clarity is a measurement of how clear the diamond is, one of ("I1" (worst), "SI2", "SI1", "VS2", "VS1", "VVS2", "VVS1", "IF" (best).

val depth : (obs, float) Evidence.Var.t

depth is the total depth percentage z / mean(x, y) = 2 * z / (x + y).

val table : (obs, float) Evidence.Var.t

table is the width of top of diamond relative to widest point.

val price : (obs, int) Evidence.Var.t

price is the diamond price in USD.

val x : (obs, float) Evidence.Var.t

x is the diamond length in mm.

val y : (obs, float) Evidence.Var.t

y is the diamond width in mm.

val z : (obs, float) Evidence.Var.t

y is the diamond depth in mm.

val dataset : obs Evidence.Dataset.t

dataset is a list of 53940 diamond observations.