Module Evidence_iris

Iris dataset.

This is the Fisher Iris dataset.

type obs = float * float * float * float * string

The type for iris observations. The 5 variables are as follows, in order.

val sepal_length : (obs, float) Evidence.Var.t

sepal_length is the sepal length in cm.

val sepal_width : (obs, float) Evidence.Var.t

sepal_width is the sepal width in cm.

val petal_length : (obs, float) Evidence.Var.t

petal_length is the petal length in cm.

val petal_width : (obs, float) Evidence.Var.t

petal_width is the petal width in cm.

val species : (obs, string) Evidence.Var.t

species is the species, one of "setosa", "versicolor", "virignica".

obs describes an iris observation.

val dataset : obs Evidence.Dataset.t

dataset is a list of 150 iris observations.