Module Vz

module Vz: sig .. end
Declarative data visualization with Vg.

Vz helps you to map data to Vg images.

Open the module to use it, this defines only modules and types in your scope.

Release 0.0.0-22-g88940fd - Daniel B├╝nzli <daniel.buenzl>


type ('a, 'b) stat 
The type for a statistic of type 'b on data values of type 'a.
module Stat: sig .. end
Data statistics.

Nicing numbers

module Nice: sig .. end
Nicing numbers.


type ('a, 'b) scale 
The type for scales from values of type 'a to 'b.
module Scale: sig .. end

Image and path helpers

module Mark: sig .. end

Colors schemes

module Colors: sig .. end
Color schemes.