Module Webs_httpc

HTTP/1.1 gateway connector.

This connector serves a bounded number of concurrent requests by taking connection and HTTP/1.1 requests on a Webs_unix.listener. If only for https support, it should only ever be used behind an HTTP gateway or locally for development.

See the Web service howto manual for instructions to connect a minimal example to an HTTP gateway.


val default_max_connections : int

default_max_connection is 100.

type t

The type for HTTP/1.1 connectors. Each connection is served using one Thread drawn from a pool.

val create : ?listener:Webs_unix.listener -> ?log:(Webs_connector.log_msg -> unit) -> ?max_connections:int -> ?max_req_body_byte_size:int -> ?max_req_headers_byte_size:int -> ?service_path:Webs.Http.path -> unit -> t

create () is a new connector with following parameters:

  • listener specifies the socket to listen to on. Defaults to Webs_unix.listener_localhost
  • log logs connector log messages. Defaults to Webs.Connector.default_log with trace messages.
  • max_connections is the maximal number of allowed concurrent connections. Defaults to default_max_connections.
  • max_req_body_byte_size is the maximal request body size in bytes. FIXME not enforced.
  • max_req_headers_byte_size is the maximal allowed size in bytes for to the request line and headers. Defaults to 64Ko.
  • service_path is the path at which the root of the service is being served. This path is stripped from the path found in request targets to yield the Webs.Req.path of served requests. The connector responds with a Webs.Http.bad_request_400 if the strip fails. The value of the service path can be found in the Webs.Req.service_path of the requests to serve. Defaults to [""].
val listener : t -> Webs_unix.listener

listener c is the connection listener of c. See create.

val log : t -> Webs_connector.log_msg -> unit

log c is the log of c. See create.

val max_connections : t -> int

max_connection c is the maximal number of concurrent connections for c. See create.

val max_req_body_byte_size : t -> int

max_connection c is the maximal body size in bytes for requests handled by c. See create.

val max_req_headers_byte_size : t -> int

max_connection c is the maximal headers size in bytes for requests handled by c. See create.

val service_path : t -> Webs.Http.path

service_path c is the service path of c. See create.

val serving : t -> bool

serving c is true iff c a serve is going on.


val serve : ?handle_stop_sigs:bool -> t -> Webs.Http.service -> (unit, string) Stdlib.result

serve c s runs service s with connector c. This blocks, serving requests with s until stop is called on c or a SIGINT or SIGTERM signal is received if handle_stop_sigs is true (default). If serving c is true this returns immedialy with Ok ().

Note that the server may respond before the request hits service, notably:

Signals. When serve is entered Stdlib.Sys.sigpipe is made to be ignored and a handler for Stdlib.Sys.sigint and Stdlib.Sys.sigstop is installed if handle_stop_sigs is true. The previous values are restored when the function returns.

val stop : t -> unit

stop s stops s. If s is blocked on serve this makes it stop accepting new connection.