Module Kurl.Bare

Bare URL requests.

type t = bare

See bare.

val v : ?ext:string -> ?query:Webs.Http.query -> Webs.Http.meth -> Webs.Http.path -> bare

See bare.

val meth : bare -> Webs.Http.meth

meth u is the HTTP method of u.

val path : bare -> Webs.Http.path

path u is the URL path of u.

val query : bare -> Webs.Http.query

query u is the URL query of u.

val ext : bare -> string

ext u is the optional URL path file extension of u. This is used by some URL formatting modes.

val with_path : Webs.Http.path -> bare -> bare

with_path p b is b with path p.

val of_req : ?ext:string -> Webs.Http.req -> bare

of_req ~ext r is a bare URL request from r. Bare.meth is Req.meth, Bare.path is Req.path, Bare.query is parsed Req.query, ext defaults to "".

val of_req_referer : ?ext:string -> ?meth:Webs.Http.meth -> Webs.Http.req -> (bare, string) Stdlib.result

of_req_referer ~ext r is a bare URL request from r. Bare.meth is meth (defaults to Req.meth r), Bare.path and Bare.query are derived from the Http.referer header. Errors if r has no such header or if its parsing fails.

val pp : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> bare -> unit

pp ppf b formats an unspecified representation of b on ppf.