Module Webs_kit.Req_to

Request deconstruction.

val query : Webs.Req.t -> (Webs.Http.Query.tWebs.Resp.t) Stdlib.result

query req extracts a query from req. This is

TODO. In POST should we merge with Req.query ? E.g. for a login form redirect param in url login creds in POST. Or maybe alternate combinators (Http.Query.t * Http.Query.t, Resp.t) result.


type file_req = {
path : string;
if_none_match : string list;
if_match : string list;
byte_ranges : (int * int) list;

The type for file requests.

val file_req : Webs.Req.t -> strip:Webs.Http.path -> (file_reqWebs.Resp.t) Stdlib.result

file_req r ~strip