Module Webs_quick

Quick serves and fetches.

Quick serves

A few functions to quickly run your service using the Webs_http11_gateway connector (for now). Typical usage:

open Webs

let service _ = Http.Response.empty Http.Status.not_found_404
let main () = Webs_quick.serve service
let () = if !Sys.interactive then () else exit (main ())
val serve : ?version:string -> ?man:Cmdliner.Manpage.block list -> ?doc:string -> ?name:string -> (Webs.Http.Request.t -> Webs.Http.Response.t) -> int

serve service parses a few default command line options from Webs_cli and runs service service with the Webs_http11_gateway connector. Use serve' if you want to be able to specify additional configuration options.

  • version is a version number for your program. See
  • man is a manpage for your program. See
  • doc is the synopsis of your program. See
  • name is the name of your program. Defaults to Filename.basename of Sys.executable_name.

The function returns with an exit code that you can use with Stdlib.exit.

With configuration

val conf_docroot : unit -> (string, string) Stdlib.result Cmdliner.Term.t

conf_docroot () requires a Webs_cli.docroot option (yes a contradiction), realpathes it and logs it.

val serve' : ?version:string -> ?man:Cmdliner.Manpage.block list -> ?doc:string -> ?name:string -> conf:('a, string) Stdlib.result Cmdliner.Term.t -> ('a -> Webs.Http.Request.t -> Webs.Http.Response.t) -> int

serve' is like serve but additional configuration parameters can be parsed from the command line and be checked before installing the service.