Module Zipc_deflate.Crc_32

ZIP CRC-32 checksums.


type t = uint32

The type for ZIP CRC-32 checksums (polynomial 0xedb88320).

val equal : t -> t -> bool

equal c0 c1 is true iff c0 and c1 are equal.

val check : expect:t -> found:t -> (unit, string) Stdlib.result

check ~expect ~found is Ok () iff equal exp found is true otherwise it errors with a human error message that mentions the checksums.

val pp : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> t -> unit

pp formats a checksum.


val string : ?start:int -> ?len:int -> string -> t

string s is the CRC-32 checksum of s in the range [start;start+len-1]. start defaults to 0 and len defaults to String.length s - start.