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  1. 10 >>
    Ten years ago I published a first bit of free software. Over the years, this has now expanded to 28 OCaml packages, without counting random informally published elucubrations. Thanks to OCaml Labs' support, there will be more.
  2. Unicode 9.0.0 refresh >>
    Uucd, Uucp, Uunf, Uuseg and Uutf were all refreshed for Unicode 9.0.0. They also support the new Uchar.t type introduced in OCaml 4.03 and compile with safe string. Find about them on the software page.
  3. Asetmap, Bos, Hmap and Webbrowser >>
    A few other new releases that went unannounced on this feed. Find about them on the software page.
  4. Topkg >>

    It seems the Topkg rewrite went unannounced on this feed. If you are in need of a no-nonsense release workflow to package and publish your packages on OPAM, simply topkg them.

  5. Odig 0.0.1 >>

    First release of Odig. If you can't keep track of the documentation of the OCaml packages you use, just odig them locally.

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