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  1. Uucp 0.9.0 >>

    First release of Uucp, access to Unicode character properties for OCaml. Thanks to OCaml Labs for sponsoring this work.

  2. Uucd 2.0.0 and Uunf 0.9.3 >>

    Release of Uucd and Uunf to support Unicode 7.0.0.

  3. Tsdl 0.8.0 >>

    First release of Tsdl, thin bindings to SDL for OCaml.

  4. Tgls 0.8.0 >>

    First release of Tgls, thin bindings to OpenGL {3,4} and OpenGL ES {2,3} for OCaml.

  5. Log erratique >>

    Opening a log for publishing erratic snapshots of ongoing work.

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