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  1. Astring, Fmt, Logs, Ptime, Mtime, Rresult >>
    A few new releases that went unannounced on this feed. Find about them on the software page.
  2. Release of Uucd 3.0.0, Uucp 1.0.0, Uunf 1.0.0 and Uuseg 0.9.0 >>
    Release of Uucd, Uucp, Uunf and Uuseg to support Unicode 8.0.0.
  3. On the book « More OCaml » >>

    I eventually read through John Whitington's latest book « More OCaml. » It's again a very good one, I made a small review here.

  4. Uuseg 0.8.0 >>

    First release of Uuseg, Unicode text segmentation for OCaml.

  5. Cmdliner 0.9.6 >>

    Release of Cmdliner 0.9.6, consult the release notes for details.

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