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  1. Astring, Fmt, Logs, Ptime, Mtime, Rresult >>
    A few new releases that went unannounced on this feed. Find about them on the software page.
  2. Release of Uucd 3.0.0, Uucp 1.0.0, Uunf 1.0.0 and Uuseg 0.9.0 >>
    Release of Uucd, Uucp, Uunf and Uuseg to support Unicode 8.0.0.
  3. On the book « More OCaml » >>

    I eventually read through John Whitington's latest book « More OCaml. » It's again a very good one, I made a small review here.

  4. Uuseg 0.8.0 >>

    First release of Uuseg, Unicode text segmentation for OCaml.

  5. Cmdliner 0.9.6 >>

    Release of Cmdliner 0.9.6, consult the release notes for details.

  6. Uucp 0.9.0 >>

    First release of Uucp, access to Unicode character properties for OCaml. Thanks to OCaml Labs for sponsoring this work.

  7. Uucd 2.0.0 and Uunf 0.9.3 >>

    Release of Uucd and Uunf to support Unicode 7.0.0.

  8. Tsdl 0.8.0 >>

    First release of Tsdl, thin bindings to SDL for OCaml.

  9. Tgls 0.8.0 >>

    First release of Tgls, thin bindings to OpenGL {3,4} and OpenGL ES {2,3} for OCaml.

  10. Log erratique >>

    Opening a log for publishing erratic snapshots of ongoing work.

  11. New Cambridgian summer >>

    OCaml Labs kindly invited me to spend a second summer in Cambridge for working on OCaml free software graphical libraries. I'm looking forward to reconnect with the regular lab members and meet the other interesting guests.

  12. React 1.0.0 >>

    Release of React 1.0.0, consult the release notes for details.

  13. Cmdliner 0.9.4 >>

    Release of Cmdliner 0.9.4, consult the release notes for details.

  14. Uucd 1.0.0 and Uunf 0.9.2 >>

    Release of Uucd and Uunf to support Unicode 6.3.0. Consult the individual release notes for details.

  15. Gg 0.8.0 and Vg 0.8.0 >>

    First release of Gg and Vg. Thanks to Citrix Systems R&D and OCaml Labs for sponsoring this work.

  16. Uutf 0.9.3 and Xmlm 1.2.0 >>

    Release of Uutf 0.9.3 and Xmlm 1.2.0. Consult the individual release notes for details.

  17. On the book « OCaml from the very beginning » >>

    Cambridge overflows with OCaml programmers. I got to meet John Whitington of camlpdf fame. He kindly offered me a copy of his book « OCaml from the very beginning. » I read it and made a small review here.

  18. Four >>

    Gaspard Buma's show Boats to nowhere is now playing at the Arsenic. I helped with the show's visuals and along the way prototyped Four a lightweight modern OpenGL rendering engine for Lua.

  19. Winter distribution >>

    Release of Cmdliner 0.9.3, Uutf 0.9.2, Uunf 0.9.1 and Uucd 0.9.2. Consult the individual release notes for details.

  20. Uunf 0.9.0 >>

    First release of Uunf, an OCaml module for Unicode text normalization.

  21. Uucd 0.9.0 >>

    First release of Uucd, an Unicode character database decoder for OCaml.

  22. Jsonm 0.9.0 >>

    First release of Jsonm, a non-blocking streaming JSON codec for OCaml.

  23. Uutf 0.9.0 >>

    First release of Uutf, a non-blocking streaming Unicode codec for OCaml.

  24. Spring release >>

    Release of Cmdliner 0.9.1, React 0.9.3, Rtime 0.9.2, Uuidm 0.9.4, and Xmlm 1.1.0. Consult the individual release notes for details. All modules now support OASIS.

  25. Cmdliner 0.9.0 >>

    First release of Cmdliner, an OCaml module for the declarative definition of command line interfaces.

  26. React 0.9.2 >>

    Fixes a bug in the weak heap implementation. Thanks to Jake Donham for reporting and discussing the fix.

  27. React 0.9.1 and Rtime 0.9.1 >>

    Minor release of React and Rtime.

  28. Rtime 0.9.0 >>

    First release of Rtime, an OCaml module implementing timelines for React.

  29. React 0.9.0 >>

    First release of React, an OCaml module for functional reactive programming (FRP).

  30. Uuidm 0.9.0 >>

    First release of Uuidm, an OCaml module for universally unique identifiers (UUIDs).

  31. Xmlm 1.0.0 >>

    New release of Xmlm. Changes are detailed in the release notes of the distribution.