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  1. React 1.0.0 >>

    Release of React 1.0.0, consult the release notes for details.

  2. Cmdliner 0.9.4 >>

    Release of Cmdliner 0.9.4, consult the release notes for details.

  3. Uucd 1.0.0 and Uunf 0.9.2 >>

    Release of Uucd and Uunf to support Unicode 6.3.0. Consult the individual release notes for details.

  4. Gg 0.8.0 and Vg 0.8.0 >>

    First release of Gg and Vg. Thanks to Citrix Systems R&D and OCaml Labs for sponsoring this work.

  5. Uutf 0.9.3 and Xmlm 1.2.0 >>

    Release of Uutf 0.9.3 and Xmlm 1.2.0. Consult the individual release notes for details.

  6. On the book « OCaml from the very beginning » >>

    Cambridge overflows with OCaml programmers. I got to meet John Whitington of camlpdf fame. He kindly offered me a copy of his book « OCaml from the very beginning. » I read it and made a small review here.

  7. Four >>

    Gaspard Buma's show Boats to nowhere is now playing at the Arsenic. I helped with the show's visuals and along the way prototyped Four a lightweight modern OpenGL rendering engine for Lua.

  8. Winter distribution >>

    Release of Cmdliner 0.9.3, Uutf 0.9.2, Uunf 0.9.1 and Uucd 0.9.2. Consult the individual release notes for details.

  9. Uunf 0.9.0 >>

    First release of Uunf, an OCaml module for Unicode text normalization.

  10. Uucd 0.9.0 >>

    First release of Uucd, an Unicode character database decoder for OCaml.

  11. Jsonm 0.9.0 >>

    First release of Jsonm, a non-blocking streaming JSON codec for OCaml.

  12. Uutf 0.9.0 >>

    First release of Uutf, a non-blocking streaming Unicode codec for OCaml.

  13. Spring release >>

    Release of Cmdliner 0.9.1, React 0.9.3, Rtime 0.9.2, Uuidm 0.9.4, and Xmlm 1.1.0. Consult the individual release notes for details. All modules now support OASIS.

  14. Cmdliner 0.9.0 >>

    First release of Cmdliner, an OCaml module for the declarative definition of command line interfaces.

  15. React 0.9.2 >>

    Fixes a bug in the weak heap implementation. Thanks to Jake Donham for reporting and discussing the fix.

  16. React 0.9.1 and Rtime 0.9.1 >>

    Minor release of React and Rtime.

  17. Rtime 0.9.0 >>

    First release of Rtime, an OCaml module implementing timelines for React.

  18. React 0.9.0 >>

    First release of React, an OCaml module for functional reactive programming (FRP).

  19. Uuidm 0.9.0 >>

    First release of Uuidm, an OCaml module for universally unique identifiers (UUIDs).

  20. Xmlm 1.0.0 >>

    New release of Xmlm. Changes are detailed in the release notes of the distribution.