Module B0_opam

B0 opam support.

See the B0 opam manual for more details.

opam tool

val get_cmd : ?search:B00_std.Fpath.t list -> ?cmd:B00_std.Cmd.t -> unit -> (B00_std.Cmd.t, string) Stdlib.result

get_cmd () looks for opam wih B00_std.Os.Cmd.get.

opam files

module File : sig ... end

opam file generation.

opam Metadata

val tag : unit B0_meta.key

tag indicates the entity is related to opam. Adding this tag to a pack makes it represent an opam package for B0's opam tooling.

val pkg_name_of_pack : B0_pack.t -> string

pkg_name_of_pack p derives an opam package name for p. This is either in order:

  1. The field of p's meta, if defined.
  2. The B0_pack.basename of p if not equal to "default".
  3. The basename of p's scope directory.
module Meta : sig ... end

opam metadata.


module Cmdlet : sig ... end

.opam.* cmdlets.