Module Os.Mtime

Monotonic time clock and sleep.

See B0_std.Mtime for a discussion about monotonic time.

Monotonic clock

val now : unit -> Mtime.t

now () is the current system-relative monotonic timestamp. Its absolute value is meaningless.

val elapsed : unit -> Mtime.Span.t

elapsed () is the monotonic time span elapsed since the beginning of the program.

Monotonic wall-clock time counters

type counter

The type for monotonic wall-clock time counters.

val counter : unit -> counter

counter () is a counter counting from now on.

val count : counter -> Mtime.Span.t

count c is the monotonic time span elapsed since c was created.

Error handling

The functions elapsed, now, counter, raise Sys_error whenever they can't determine the current time or that it doesn't fit in Mtime's range. Usually this exception should only be catched at the toplevel of your program to log it and abort the program. It indicates a serious error condition in the system.

Platform support