Module Ev.Data_transfer

DataTransfer objects.

module Effect : sig ... end

The drop effect enum

module Item : sig ... end

DataTransferItem objects.

module Item_list : sig ... end

DataTransferItemList objects.

Data transfers

type t

The type for DataTransfer objects.

val drop_effect : t -> Effect.t

drop_effect d is the dropEffect property.

val set_drop_effect : t -> Effect.t -> unit

set_drop_effect d e sets the drop_effect property to e. Note. Only a subset of Effect.t can be used.

val effect_allowed : t -> Effect.t

effect_allowed d is the effectAllowed property.

val set_effect_allowed : t -> Effect.t -> unit

set_effect_allowed d e sets the effect_allowed property to e.

val items : t -> Item_list.t

items d is the items property.