Module Brr

Browser APIs.

Open this module to use it. It defines only modules in your scope.

Data containers and encodings

module Tarray : sig ... end

Typed arrays.

module Blob : sig ... end

Blob objects.

module File : sig ... end

File objects and reads.

module Base64 : sig ... end

base64 codec.

module Json : sig ... end

JSON codec.

module Uri : sig ... end

URIs and URI parameters.

DOM interaction

module Ev : sig ... end

DOM events.

module At : sig ... end

DOM element attributes.

module El : sig ... end

DOM elements.

module Document : sig ... end

Document objects

Browser interaction

module Abort : sig ... end

Aborting browser activities.

module Console : sig ... end

Browser console.

module Window : sig ... end

Window objects.

module Navigator : sig ... end

Navigator objects.

module Performance : sig ... end

Performance objects.

module G : sig ... end

The global object, its global objects and functions.