Module Brr.File

File objects and reads.

There are various ways to get t values. On of them is to create an El.input element of type file and use the El.Input.files function. Another way is to use drag and drop events and get them via the Ev.Data_transfer values.


type init

The type for file initialisation objects.

val init : ?⁠blob_init:Blob.init -> ?⁠last_modified_ms:int -> unit -> init

init () is a file initialisation object with the given properties.

type t

The type for File objects.

val of_blob : ?⁠init:init -> Jstr.t -> Blob.t -> t

of_blob name b is a file named name with data b.

Note. Reading the constructor specificaton it seems this will not look into b to define the Blob.type' of the resulting file object's blob. You should define it via the init object.

val name : t -> Jstr.t

name f is the filename of f.

val last_modified_ms : t -> int

last_modified_ms f is the last modified time in milliseconds since the POSIX epoch.

val as_blob : t -> Blob.t

as_blob f is f's Blob interface.