Module Gpu.Buffer

GPU buffers.

module Map_state : sig ... end

Map states.

module Map_mode : sig ... end

Map mode flags.

module Usage : sig ... end

Usage flags.

module Descriptor : sig ... end

Buffer descriptors.

type t

The type for GPUBuffer objects.

val label : t -> Jstr.t

label b is the label of b.

val size : t -> int

size b is the size of b.

val usage : t -> int

usage b is the usage of b.

val map_state : t -> Map_state.t

map_state b is the map state of b.

val map_async : ?size:int -> ?offset:int -> t -> Map_mode.t -> unit Fut.or_error

map_async b maps b.

val get_mapped_range : ?size:int -> ?offset:int -> t -> Brr.Tarray.Buffer.t

get_mapped_range b is the mapped range of b.

val unmap : t -> unit

unmap b unmaps b.

val destroy : t -> unit

destroy b destroys b.


module Binding_type : sig ... end

Binding types.

module Binding_layout : sig ... end

Binding layouts

module Binding : sig ... end