Module Gpu.Texture


module Format : sig ... end

Texture formats.

module Usage : sig ... end

Texture usage.

module Dimension : sig ... end

Texture dimensions.

module View_dimension : sig ... end

Texture view dimensions.

module Aspect : sig ... end

Texture aspects.

module Storage : sig ... end

Storage textures.

module External : sig ... end

External textures.

module View : sig ... end

Texture views.

module Sample_type : sig ... end

Sample types.

module Binding_layout : sig ... end

Binding layouts.

module Descriptor : sig ... end

Texture descriptors.

type t

The type for GPUTexture objects.

val create_view : ?descriptor:t -> t -> View.t

create_view t creates a view on t.

val destroy : t -> unit

destroy t destroys t.

val width : t -> int

width t is the width of t.

val height : t -> int

height t is the height of t.

val depth_or_array_layers : t -> int

depth t is the depth of t.

val mip_level_count : t -> int

mip_level_count t is the mip level count of t.

val sample_count : t -> int

sample_count t is the sample_count of t.

val dimension : t -> Dimension.t

dimension t is the dimension of t.

val format : t -> Format.t

format t is the format of t.

val usage : t -> Usage.t

usage t is the usage of t.