Module Brzo.Exit

Program exits.

type t =
| Code of int
| Exec of B0_std.Fpath.t * B0_std.Cmd.t

The type for exits. Either an exit code or a command to execv.

val code : t -> int

code c is the code of c, raises Invalid_argument if c is Exec.

val conf_error : t

conf_error indicates a brzo configuration error (e.g. in a BRZO file.

val no_build_outcome : t

no_build_outcome indicates there's no build outcome on operations that request one.

val no_such_sexp_path : t

no_such_sexp_path indicates that a specified s-expression path does not exist.

val ok : t

ok is the zero exit code.

val outcome_build_error : t

outcome_build_error indicates an outcome build error.

val outcome_action_error : t

outcome_action_error indicates an outcome action error.

val some_error : t

some_error indicates an indiscrimante error reported on stderr.

val undefined_domain : t

undefined_domain indicates use of an undefined domain in BRZO file.

module Info : sig ... end

Cmdliner documentation.