Module Bytesrw_zlib

deflate, zlib and gzip streams.

This module provides support for reading and writing deflate, zlib and gzip streams with the zlib C library.

Slice lengths. The slice length of readers created by filters of this module defaults to default_slice_length. The hinted slice length of writers created by filters of this module defaults to default_slice_length and they write on their writers with slices that respect their desires.

Positions. The position of readers and writers created by filters of this module default to 0.


type Bytesrw.Bytes.Stream.error +=
  1. | Error of string

The type for deflate, zlib and gzip stream errors.

Except for the library parameters, all functions of this module and resulting reader and writers may raise Bytesrw.Bytes.Stream.Error with this error.

type level = int

The type for compression levels.

An integer between -1 and 9, see these constants.

module Deflate : sig ... end

deflate streams.

module Zlib : sig ... end

zlib streams.

module Gzip : sig ... end

gzip streams.

Library parameters

val version : unit -> string

version () is the version of the zlib C library.

val default_slice_length : int

default_slice_length is 128KB. Note, this choice is made by Bytesrw_zlib not the zlib library.

Compression levels

val default_compression : level

default_compression is -1, the default compression level. The resulting level depends on the zlib library.

val no_compression : level

no_compression is 0, indicates no compression.

val best_speed : level

best_speed is 1, indicates fastest compression.

val best_compression : level

best_compression is 9, indicates best compression.