Module Lit.Fbuf.Rbuf

module Rbuf: sig .. end
Render buffers.

Render buffers are images that can be attached to framebuffers but in contrast to textures cannot be used by shaders.

type t 
The type for render buffers.
val create : ?multisample:int -> Gg.size2 -> Lit.Tex.sample_format -> t
create mutisample size fmt is an image with size size and sample format fmt. multisample is the number of sample for multisample framebuffers.
val multisample : t -> int option
multisample b is b's multisample value.
val size2 : t -> Gg.size2
size2 b is b's size.
val sample_format : t -> Lit.Tex.sample_format
sample_format b is b's sample format.