Module Litu.Effects.Wireframe

module Wireframe: sig .. end
Triangles as wireframes.

This effect renders `Triangle primitives as wireframes.




val model_to_clip : Gg.M4.t Lit.uniform
model_to_clip is the model to clip space transform matrix, defaults to the `Model_to_clip built-in.
val fill_color : Gg.Color.t Lit.uniform
fill_color is the triangle's fill color, default to Color.white.
val wire_color : Gg.Color.t Lit.uniform
wire_color is the wireframe color, defaults to
val wire_width : float Lit.uniform
wire_width is the wire width (TODO in which space), default to 1.
val wire_only : bool Lit.uniform
wire_only, if true only the wireframe is shown, defaults to false.
val create : ?fill_color:Gg.Color.t ->
?wire_color:Gg.Color.t ->
?wire_width:float -> ?wire_only:bool -> unit -> Lit.Effect.t
create () is a new wireframe effect, the optional parameters can be used to preset the uniforms.