Module Odig_odoc

odoc API reference generation.

This mainly implements an odoc file resolution and generation request procedure specific to odig. Generic odoc driving bits are provided via B0_odoc.

val gen : Odig_support.Conf.t -> force:bool -> index_title:string option -> index_intro:B00_std.Fpath.t option -> pkg_deps:bool -> tag_index:bool -> Odig_support.Pkg.t list -> (unit, string) Stdlib.result

gen c ~force ~index_intro ~pkg_deps ~tag_index pkgs generates API reference for packages pkgs.

  • index_title is the title of the page with the list of packages.
  • index_intro if specified is an mld file to define the introduction of the page with the list of packages.
  • pkg_deps if true dependencies of pkgs are also generated. If false only pkgs are generated which may lead to broken links in the output.
  • tag_index if true a tag index is generated on the package list page and package pages hyperlink into it from the package information section.
val install_theme : Odig_support.Conf.t -> B00_odoc.Theme.t option -> (unit, string) Stdlib.result