Module Tgles2

OpenGL ES 2 thin bindings.

Tgles2 can program OpenGL ES 2 contexts. Consult the binding conventions.

Open the module use it, this defines only the module Gl in your scope. To use in the toplevel with findlib, just #require "tgls.tgles2", it automatically loads the library and opens the Tgles2 module.


%%VERSION%% — OpenGL ES 2 — homepage

OpenGL ES 2

module Gl : sig ... end

OpenGL ES 2 bindings.


To find the name of an OCaml function corresponding to a C function name, map the gl prefix to the module name Tgles2.Gl, add an underscore between each minuscule and majuscule and lower case the result. For example glGetError maps to Tgles2.Gl.get_error

To find the name of an OCaml value corresponding to a C enumerant name, map the GL_ prefix to the module name Tgles2.Gl and lower case the rest. For example GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT maps to Tgles2.Gl.color_buffer_bit.

The following exceptions occur: