Module Meta.Fmt

Custom formatter key.

The Fun.Generic.pp function consults this key in the metadata of a gist g before printing the value described by the gist. If a formatter is found, the value is formatted using that formatter instead. This can also be used to indicate that you would not like to print a substructure by formatting nothing, the Fmt.ignore function does that.

type 'a t = Stdlib.Format.formatter -> 'a -> unit

The type for custom value formatter of type 'a.

val ignore : 'a t

ignore formats nothing.

type 'a meta := 'a Type.Gist.Meta.t
val mem : 'a meta -> bool

mem m is true iff m has a binding for the key.

val add : 'a t -> 'a meta -> 'a meta

add v m is m with the key bound to v

val find : 'a meta -> 'a t option

find m is the binding for the key (if any).

val remove : 'a meta -> 'a meta

remove m is m with the binding for the key removed (if bound).