Module Gist.Maplike

Operations on maplikes.


type 'a gist := 'a t
type ('k, 'v, 'm) t = ('k, 'v, 'm) maplike

The type for representing maplike types of type 'm with keys of type 'k and values of type 'v.

val meta : ('k, 'v, 'm) maplike -> 'm Meta.t

meta m is the metadata of m.

val name : ('k, 'v, 'm) maplike -> string

name m is the name of m.

val key : ('k, 'v, 'm) maplike -> 'k gist

key m is the representation of the keys of m.

val value : ('k, 'v, 'm) maplike -> 'v gist

value m is the representation of the values of m.

Map modules from Map.S modules

module type VALUE = sig ... end

The type for map values.

module Map_module_of_map (V : VALUE) (M : Stdlib.Map.S) : MAP with type t = V.t M.t and type key = M.key and type value = V.t

Map_module_of_map (V) (M) is a map module for standard library map M with value of type V.