Module Useri.Drop.File

module File: sig .. end
Dropped files


type t = Useri.Drop.file 
The type for dropped files.
val path : Useri.Drop.file -> string
path f is f's file system path.
val prepare : Useri.Drop.file ->
(Useri.Drop.file -> (unit, [ `Msg of string ]) Result.result -> unit) -> unit
prepare f k prepares files f for reading, calling k f r whenever f is ready to be read from (e.g. with Pervasives.open_in).

This is mainly used to hide the upload of the file in js_of_ocaml's pseudo file system (e.g. on the `Tsdl backend it will immediately call k). If you need more control over the upload process you should access the JavaScript file object directly with Useri_jsoo.Drop.File.to_js.