Module Useri.Text

module Text: sig .. end
User textual input and clipboard.

Warning This API is currently unsupported in the `Jsoo backend.

Textual input

To use keyboard keys as actuators use the Useri.Key module.

val set_input_enabled : bool React.signal -> unit
set_input_enabled enabled uses the signal enabled to determine whether Useri.Text.input and Useri.Text.editing events are enabled. Initially set to S.const false.
val input : string React.event
input occurs whenever text is input by the user and the signal given to Useri.Text.set_input_enabled is true.
val editing : (string * int * int) React.event
editing may occur with (text, cpos, sel_len) before Useri.Text.input whenever text is being composited for example if multiple key strokes are needed in order to input a character. text is the text being composed, cpos is the cursor position in the text and sel_len the selection length (if any). Only occurs if the signal given to Useri.Text.set_input_enabled is true.


val clipboard : string React.signal
clipboard is the clipboard's textual content (if any). This signal is defined by changes in the application's environement and occurences of the event given to Useri.Text.set_clipboard_setter.
val set_clipboard_setter : string React.event -> unit
set_clipboard_setter setter on occurences of setter sets the clipboard's textual content. Initially set to E.never. Note that Some "" is the same as

Warning. setter should not depend on Useri.Text.clipboard.