Module Vz_doc.Output


type t

The type for outputs.

val image : ?label:Input.content -> size_mm:Gg.Size2.t -> ?view:Gg.Box2.t -> Vg.image -> t

image ~size_mm ~view i renders image i on a canvas of given mm_size at that point. view is the area of i that is being rendered if unspecified this defaults to Box.v P2.o size_mm.

val image' : ?label:Input.content -> size_mm:Gg.Size2.t -> ?view:Gg.Box2.t Note.signal -> Vg.image Note.signal -> t

image' is like image but reactive.

Low-level interface

val make : ?label:Input.content -> Brr.El.t list -> t

make ?label els wraps els and a possible label to an output div.

val el : t -> Brr.El.t

el i is the element for input i. In general you should rather use Doc.input. These elements are classified with vz_class.

val vz_class : Jstr.t

vz_class is Jstr.v "vz-output". All output are classified with this.