Module Webs_gateway

Gateway interaction.

File serving handoff

Tools for letting the gateway serve files. See this section of the web service howto. To let the service itself send them see Webs_fs.

val send_file : header:Webs.Http.Headers.Name.t -> Webs.Http.Path.fpath -> (Webs.Http.Response.t, 'e) Stdlib.result

send_file ~header file is a response that instructs the gateway to serve file file. Use Webs.Http.Request.to_absolute_filepath to safely determine a file path from a request.

More precisely this is a Webs.Http.Status.ok_200 empty response with the header field name header set to file. The actual header name to use depends on your gateway, see below.

val x_accel_redirect : Webs.Http.Headers.Name.t

x_accel_redirect is the header name x-accel-redirect used by nginx for internal redirection.

val x_sendfile : Webs.Http.Headers.Name.t

x_sendfile is the header name x-sendfile. Used by Apache and lighttpd for file serving.