Module B0_std.Os

OS interaction.

File system

module Path : sig ... end

File system path operations.

module File : sig ... end

Regular file operations.

module Dir : sig ... end

Directory operations.

File descriptors and sockets

module Fd : sig ... end

File descriptors operations.

module Socket : sig ... end

Socket operations.


module Env : sig ... end

Environment variables.

module Cmd : sig ... end

Executing commands.

module Exit : sig ... end

Program exit.

Sleeping and timing

val sleep : Mtime.Span.t -> Mtime.Span.t

sleep dur sleeps for duration dur and returns the duration slept. The latter may be smaller than dur if the call was interrupted by a signal. This becomes imprecise if dur is greater than ~104 days.

val relax : unit -> unit

relax sleeps for a very small duration. Can be used for relaxed busy waiting.

module Cpu : sig ... end

CPU time and information.

module Mtime : sig ... end

Monotonic time clock and sleep.