Module Carcass.Env

module Env: sig .. end
Carcass environment.

A carcass environement defines how flesh, bone and body lookups get resolved.


val etc_dir : Fpath.t
etc_dir is the path to the install's etc directory.
val user_dir : unit -> (Fpath.t, [> Rresult.R.msg ]) Rresult.result
user_dir is the path to the user's carcass directory.


type t 
The type for environments.
val v : no_user_dir:bool ->
no_dot_dirs:bool ->
dirs:Fpath.t list ->
flesh:Fpath.t list -> cli:(string * Carcass.Pat.t) list -> t
v ~no_user_dir ~no_dot_dirs ~dirs ~flesh ~cli is an environment such that looks up are done, in order: