Module Carcass.Flesh

module Flesh: sig .. end
Flesh (variable definitions).

See carcass-syntax(5) for more information about the syntax of flesh files.


type t = Carcass.Pat.t 
The type for flesh. Maps variable names to their definition.
val builtins : t
builtins are the built-in variable definitions.
val of_input : ?init:Carcass.Pat.t ->
src:Carcass.Loc.src ->
[ `Channel of Pervasives.in_channel | `String of string ] ->
(t, [> Carcass.Error.parse ]) Result.result
of_input ~init ~src input reads flesh variable bindings from input and adds them to init (defaults to Carcass.Flesh.builtins).
val of_env : ?init:Carcass.Pat.t ->
Carcass.Env.t -> (t, [> Carcass.Error.parse ]) Result.result
of_env init env are the variable bindings available in environment env added to init (defaults to Carcass.Flesh.builtins).
val pp_def : Carcass.Pat.t Fmt.t
pp_def formats a pattern like a flesh variable definition.
val pp : t Fmt.t
pp formats flesh as valid carcass flesh syntax.