Brr v0.0.6

Brr is a toolkit for programming browsers in OCaml with the js_of_ocaml compiler. It provides:


These manuals are available:

Also the test directory of Brr's repository has a few examples that use the APIs.

Library brr

This library has the JavaScript FFI and the interfaces to the supported browser APIs.

Libraries brr.poke[d] and brr.ocaml_poke[_ui]

The brr.poke library provides a function to define a poke object for your program so that the OCaml console can interact with it. Use brr.poked to poke your program by side-effect without modifying its source. In both cases you need compile your JavaScript appropriately.

The brr.ocaml_poke library provides support to find and access the ocaml_poke object provided by your program. The brr.ocaml_poke_ui library provides an HTML interface to the poke object as an interactive toplevel (REPL). These APIs are used by the OCaml console.

Supported browser APIs

The following JavaScript and browser functionality is supported:

Finally note that: